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Do you want to step into the spotlight but have no idea where to begin? Are you an experienced performer looking to up your game? Join us for an 8 session series where you will gain experience in all aspects of preparing for and performing a choreographed piece. Whether you’re dancing on the pole, a chair, or the floor, you’ll learn the fundamentals of choreography and how to take the audience’s breath away with your tricks and stage presence!


Each 2 hour session will start with 45-60 minutes of activities followed by a short warmup and practice time with a coach. Throughout the course you will build your own piece and will have opportunities to practice performing in a safe, supportive environment!




Biweekly on Fridays, 6-8pm

June 28th - October 4th

(16 weeks)

Watertown Studio:

100 Parker Street,

Watertown, MA 02472


Just need to polish up one or two aspects of your performance?


Drop into any 2-hour session with an experienced coach for just $55! (Register at the session descriptions below).


Membership discounts apply


Ready to level up your entire performance game? Sign up for all 8 sessions for $375!


Save $65 and get a FREE 30-minute performance video review with a coach as an added bonus!

Membership discounts apply

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Session 1: Performance and PSO 101 with Michelle

June 28th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

How do you decide what kind of performance or competition is best for you? What should you expect and how do you prepare? Set achievable goals, figure out how to avoid and/or manage injuries, and overall have the best possible performance and/or competition experience.

Session 2: Concept and storytelling with Michelle

July 12th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

Start building your piece! Learn how to tell a story with your performance, bring out the drama and entrance your audience.

Session 3: Creating choreography with Alicia

July 26th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

Learn how to create movement sequences, build with the music, and mesmerize with stunning choreography! Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or total newbie, you’ll learn tools and tricks to build your own creative and unique choreography.

Session 4: Choosing your tricks with Melinda

August 9th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

How do you choose what moves to perform? Learn how to build those “wow” moments, creating a performance that plays to your strengths and makes a mark on your audience.

Session 5: Intro to musicality with Michelle

August 23rd, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

Learn to identify and connect with different elements of your song, from emotion and vocals, to beats, pauses, and discrete instruments. We’ll explore how moving with and around these details can dramatically enhance the impact on your audience.

Session 6: Setting and working the stage with Melinda

September 6th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

Learn how to plan out and use your stage environment, whether you’re in front of a crowd at PSO or performing at one of our community day events. We’ll talk angles, props, costumes and how to incorporate everything into one seamless piece.

Session 7: Mental and physical preparation with Alicia

September 20th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

Preparing for a performance comes with both mental and physical challenges. Meet them head on with techniques and advice for preparing for and overcoming creative blocks, performance anxiety, physical injury, and more.

Session 8: Finishing Touches: Stage presence and audience engagement with Lala

October 4th, 2024: 6-8pm, Watertown

The key to a memorable performance is in the finishing touches. Practice engaging with an audience, taking time for your moment, and elevating your routine into a truly breathtaking performance!

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Got questions? Email us at
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