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Submit a Pole Request

*After submitting your request, we will reach out to you by email to let you know about our current availability and to coordinate details of your rental.

Pole Questions

What kind of poles do you rent?

Our rental poles are Lupit Pole Classic G2 Stainless Steel portable poles and 45mm in diameter. (The same size and finish we use at the studio!) These poles have both spin and static modes. Lupit Pole is an industry-leading brand with high quality equipment - in fact, many of us use Lupit poles at home! 

Can I set it up in my home/apartment/garage/etc? Do I have to drill holes in my ceiling? 

Home poles (often referred to as “portable” poles) use tension to stay in place. This means that they don’t require drilling, just a solid surface for the top, or “dome” to press into and a solid floor for the base. For most houses and apartments, this means that you’ll need to locate a joist to place the pole under - this will support the pole pressing up into the ceiling. (Don’t worry, we include a stud finder in our rental packages for help with this!) If you have a “drop” ceiling where panels hang below your ceiling, you may be able to install a home pole, depending on what surface is above the drop ceiling. If you have a cement ceiling, you’re in luck! Inspect your ceiling to be sure, but you should be able to install the pole anywhere against your ceiling.

How tall do my ceilings have to be? 

Our standard home poles fit ceilings between 7’ 6” and 9’2” in height. We also have extensions that allow the pole to fit ceilings up to 10’ 10” tall. Just let us know if you need one and we’ll include it with the rental at no additional charge!

Can I install the pole on a carpeted floor? 

Yes! You may enjoy floorwork a bit more if you’re wearing more clothing (hello, rugburn!) but the pole will be stable on carpet if installed properly (level and up against a solid ceiling support). Just make sure not to install the pole on a rug or other non-permanent flooring. When you remove the pole, it will leave a dent in the carpet like any furniture, but over time the dent will generally disappear as the carpet returns to its original shape.

How do I install the pole?

We get it - installing a home pole for the first time can feel nerve wracking! Here are a few of our favorite resources on home pole installation: 

Your home pole will come with manufacturer’s instructions on proper installation. Always be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your home pole

What comes with the rental package?

Our rental package includes everything you need to set up your home pole! The pole will come in a carry bag for easy transportation, a stud finder to locate metal or wood joists in your ceiling, and a level to check if your pole is set up properly. We also sell a variety of grip aids to help you stick to the pole and pole apparel (including pole shorts and Fly Together tanks!). Let us know if you’re interested in any add-on items with your rental!


What’s the cost? 

Home pole rentals are 99$/month. 

How do I sign up?

First, fill out our rental request form (above) and we’ll be in touch! Once we’ve confirmed that a pole is available to rent, you’ll sign up for a rental contract on Momence. You will need to place a credit card on file to sign up. 

What’s the minimum rental length?

The minimum rental length is one month.

How long can I rent for? 

As long as you’d like! We ask for an estimate when your rental begins to help us manage our pole rental inventory, but if you’d like to keep the pole for longer or shorter than your estimate, just let us know! 

When does my “month” begin? 

Your rental date begins on the day you pickup the pole or have it delivered. If you keep the rental for longer than a month, you’ll be charged on your start date each month (ex: If your rental begins on August 28th, you’ll be charged for your second month on September 28th).

How do I pick up my rental pole? 

You can pick up your pole from our studio at 100 Parker St, Watertown, MA 02472 during regular class hours - during the rental process we'll coordinate a time that works best for you to arrive at the studio & pick

When does my rental end? 

Your rental ends on the last day of your current rental month if you elect to terminate your rental. (Ex: for the example above, your rental would begin on August 28th and end on September 27th. If you rent for two months, your rental would end on October 27th.) You can check the status of your rental month on Momence.

How do I cancel my pole rental? 

We’ll send you an automatic reminder 15 days before the end of your rental month. If you’d like to continue renting, do nothing! Your rental will automatically renew for the next month. If you’d like to cancel, let us know either through the reminder email or send us a note at at least ten days before the end of your rental month. We’ll stop future charges and work on arranging drop off of your equipment. 

How and when do I return my rental pole? 

You have 5 days after the end of your rental month to return the pole to us. Just like for pick-up, arrange a time to meet us at the studio for drop-off. Ensure that all components of the rental (pole, bag, stud finder, and level) are included in your return. Any add-on items that you purchased are yours, of course!

Pole Use and Care

How do I properly use and maintain my pole? 

It’s a good idea to check your pole each time you use it. Check that appropriate screws are tightened, that the pole doesn’t budge with force, and that the pole is level. Stainless steel poles can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol (70% or higher works best) to remove oil and sweat. 

My pole is set up! what? 

Time to party! Freestyle, work on conditioning, or do what moves you. Remember to always warm up to prevent injury (we know, it’s so tempting to just hop on the pole now that it’s in the middle of your living room!) and cool down after your pole sesh. 

Help, it turns out that I’m not that self-motivated!

Hard same. Check out these blog posts (from FTF instructors and Black Girls Pole) about using a home pole. If you’re looking for additional instruction, try an online private lesson or come to the studio for an in-person lesson and let us build a training plan with you!

More Questions?

We know, setting up a home pole for the first time can be daunting! We created our rental program to make trying out and using a home pole stress-free and more affordable, and we’re here to answer your questions. Contact us at any time with questions or fill out our rent-a-pole request form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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