Our classes are designed to provide a way for new and experienced students to grow in the pole community. To support all levels, we offer a variety of mixed-level and single-level courses. Our "Milestones" program allows students to track their progress, celebrate their achievements, and provides a structured path for their pole journey. If you have questions about classes or level placement, please contact us!

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Intro to Pole

For anyone trying pole for the first time or looking to learn more about pole sport and our community! No experience or fitness level required. We’ll focus on building pole vocabulary, getting comfortable with the pole, and learning basic moves - spins, pole sits, and climbs - all while building strength and having fun dancing.

Prerequisites: NONE!

Pole Level 3

Defy Gravity! Let’s get upside down up and spin around. We’ll start working inverts up the pole,  and working on leveling up to inverted moves on the spin pole. 

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 2 milestones

Pole Level 1

Ready to take it to the next level? This class will work on building strength and expanding pole vocabulary. We’ll learn new ways to go up and down the pole, more spin variations, floorwork, and poses. We’ll also put moves together into short combos, and start prepping for going upside down.

Prerequisites: Completed the Intro to Pole milestones

Pole Level 4

For our most advanced flyers! In this class, we will continue to build on tricks from Level 3, learn and condition moves with two points of contact, and put tricks together to create new combinations.

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 3 milestones

Pole Level 2

Mastered your basics? In this class, we’ll get comfortable going upside down from the floor and taking it higher. We’ll also start tackling tricks on the spin pole. You should be comfortable climbing all the way up the pole, getting into basic poses such as jasmine, genie, sit, and shoulder stand, and working on lowering into inverts (e.g. laybacks, cross ankle release, jasmine drop). 

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 1 milestones


Pole Choreo (Level 1+) 

Ready to dance? This all-levels class will combine floor work, low pole flow, and freestyle to help you level up your musicality and flow. Over the course of each month, classes will build on each other to generate a full-length combo. Drop-in for a week to learn a section or keep coming back to learn the full routine!

Prerequisites: Completed Intro to Pole milestones

Stiletto Dance (Level 1+)

Time to get your strut on! If you are feeling sassy or classy, bring your favorite pair of heels and learn how to dance to your fullest potential. 

Prerequisites: NONE!


All levels welcome! Whether you can’t touch your toes or are working on your oversplit, we’ll work to get stronger and bendier. Class will focus on both passive and active flexibility and include conditioning, so that you can hit those flexy pole moves.

Prerequisites: NONE!

Pole Combos (Level 2+)

Now that you’re learning, learn more, learn harder, learn faster!  Got tricks? Turn the same trick into even more tricks by adding variations and combos! We will focus on smoothing out transitions between all your favorite intermediate and advanced moves.

Prerequisites: Completed Level 1 milestones and have a strong invert 

All Levels Pole

Whether you are a beginner or advanced this is the class for you! After a group warm-up, you will be free to work on your personal milestones. Instructors will be available with helpful tips to get you flying at the next level. 

Prerequisites: NONE!

Pole Conditioning

(Level 1+)

Skip the gym! In this class, we’ll focus on building strength and stamina to give you the best tools to progress in your pole journey. Beginner pole students through advanced flyers welcome! This class is ideal for students working on shoulder strength and abs.

Prerequisites: Completed Intro to Pole milestones

Mixed Level Spin

(Level 2+) 

Let’s go for a twirl! In this class, you will learn intermediate and advanced moves and chain together combinations to make spin pole a breeze. 

Prerequisites: Completed Pole Level 1 milestones

Handstands and Floor Tricks

Ready to mix it up? This class will focus on skills on the floor, building the strength and body awareness to master handstands and handstand variations, walkovers, rolls, and other movements across the floor and between poles. No experience required!   

Prerequisites: NONE!