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Our classes are intentionally designed to facilitate your pole journey as you develop strength, fluidity, and confidence. Our "Milestones" program allows you to track your progress and determine when you're ready to progress from one level to the next. If you have questions about classes or level placement, please contact us!

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Intro to Pole

For anyone trying pole for the first time or looking to learn more about pole sport and our community! No experience or fitness level required. We’ll focus on building pole vocabulary, getting comfortable with the pole, and learning basic moves - spins, pole sits, and climbs - all while building strength and having fun dancing.

Prerequisites: NONE!

Pole Level 2

Mastered your basics? In this class, we’ll get comfortable going upside down from the floor and taking it higher. We’ll also start tackling tricks on the spin pole. You should be comfortable climbing all the way up the pole, getting into basic poses such as jasmine, genie, sit, and shoulder stand, and working on lowering into inverts (e.g. laybacks, cross ankle release, jasmine drop). 

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 1 milestones

Pole Level 1

Ready to take it to the next level? This class will work on building strength and expanding pole vocabulary. We’ll learn new ways to go up and down the pole, more spin variations, floorwork, and poses. We’ll also put moves together into short combos, and start prepping for going upside down.

Prerequisites: Completed the Intro to Pole milestones

Pole Level 3

Defy Gravity! Let’s get upside down up and spin around. We’ll start working aerial inverts up the pole as well as level 3 milestones like extended butterfly and shoulder mount. 

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 2 milestones

Pole Level 1/2

Feeling strong in level 1, but not quite ready to tackle the inverted tricks of level 2? This class is the perfect stepping stone. We'll focus on building strength in your inverts through conditioning exercises, learn foundational inverted moves, and weave together more complex upright combos so you can make the leap up to level 2 with confidence.

Prerequisites: Completed or working on the Pole Level 1 milestones

Pole Level 4

For our most advanced flyers! In this class, we will continue to build on tricks from Level 3, learn and condition moves with two points of contact (e.g. handspring, ayesha), and put tricks together to create new combinations.

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 3 milestones


All Levels Pole

Whether you are a beginner or advanced this is the class for you! After a group warm-up, you will be free to work on your personal milestones. Instructors will be available with helpful tips to get you flying at the next level. 

Prerequisites: NONE!

Pole Conditioning Level 1+

Skip the gym! In this class, we’ll focus on building strength and stamina to give you the best tools to progress in your pole journey. Beginner pole students through advanced flyers welcome! This class is ideal for students working on shoulder strength and abs.

Prerequisites: Completed Intro to Pole milestones

Spin Pole Level 1+

Love those pretty poses on static pole and want a new challenge? Try spin pole! We’ll give you the tools to start feeling confident on spin pole without getting (too) dizzy.

Prerequisites: Completed the Intro to Pole milestones

Mobility and Prehab Conditioning

Ever wonder what muscle to actually squeeze when your instructor says to "engage"? Working to build strength so you can get that nemesis move? This class is for you! We'll use foam rolling techniques to release tight muscles and improve our range of motion and then do conditioning to strengthen all those tiny stabilizer muscles you didn't know you had but that are surprisingly important for your pole journey. Polers of all levels welcome & encouraged to join!

Prerequisites: NONE!

Spin Pole Level 2+

Let’s go for a twirl! In this class, you will learn intermediate and advanced moves and chain together combinations to make spin pole a breeze. 

Prerequisites: Completed the Pole Level 1 milestones


All levels welcome! Whether you can’t touch your toes or are working on your oversplit, we’ll work to get stronger and bendier. Class will focus on both passive and active flexibility and include conditioning, so that you can hit those flexy pole moves.

Prerequisites: NONE!


Intro to Sensual Movement

Explore your sensual side while learning the basics of sensual movement and dance. We've got the poles and the mood lighting, just bring your own sass for this sexy class! This class is suitable for all levels of polers, including intro students.

Prerequisites: NONE!

Hard Style Heels

Sexy, sweet, and a little bit spicy are the core elements of hard style heels choreo. In this class, we will discover new sequences put into a choreographed routine that is full of heel clacks, body rolls, and power moves. If you love the idea of being a seducer or femme fatale, this is the class for you. Knee pads and heels encouraged.

Prerequisites: Students must be at L1 or above to be familiar with standard pole moves. No dance experience required.

Floorwork Level 1+

If you're looking to get more confident with your floorwork and add some variety to your pole combos, this is the class for you! We will spend the first part of class breaking down a variety of floorwork moves, from shoulder rolls to leg waves to headstands and so much more. For the rest of class, we will be learning a short piece of choreography using the moves we practiced earlier in class. Knee pads and/or knee socks highly encouraged!

Prerequisites: Completed the Intro to Pole milestones


Do you want to learn how YOUR milkshake can bring all the boys to the yard? Join us for a high energy Twerk class! You will learn the 5 twerk fundamentals followed by crowd pleaser moves and how to put them all together in a fun routine.

Wear: anything that doesn’t restrict your booty from moving freely. Knee pads are optional.

Prerequisites: NONE!

Mood Over Moves: Pole Choreo Level 1+

In this class, we'll get flowy and fluid in our movement. We'll learn pole choreography set to music and work on developing musicality, fluidity, and creative ways to engage with the pole in our dance. If you're working on getting more comfortable stringing moves together, learning choreography, incorporating the vibe of the music into your movement, or adding creative transitions into your pole repertoire, this class is for you!

Prerequisites: Students must be at L1 or above to be familiar with standard pole moves. No dance experience required.

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