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Take your practice online! Get the in-person class experience from the comfort of your home!

Skip the commute     Use existing packages or memberships     Get instructor feedback




How do I sign up?

  • Classes are listed in our MINDBODY schedule. You’ll know it’s an online class because we’ve used some helpful caps lock to make it clear ;) 

Do I need a separate class pass / membership?

  • Nope! We’ve designed the online class sign up to be as streamlined as possible - just use any of our regular class passes or your membership to enroll.

Do I need a pole at home?

  • Maybe - some classes require a home pole and others don’t. Check the class descriptions for details. If you want to try out home pole classes but aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to a home pole purchase, our Rent-A-Pole program is a great way to do a trial run!


How many spots are available in each class?

  • Right now, online classes are limited to 6 students to ensure everyone gets personalized attention.


How long are classes?

  • 60 minutes - long enough to break up your day but short enough to squeeze between Zoom meetings if needed! 


What’s the cancellation policy?

  • Just like our in-person classes, you must cancel your registration at least 5 hours in advance. If you cancel within the 5-hour window, you will lose the class credit, but you will still receive access to the course recording (see below!). If there are less than 2 students signed up for your class 3 hours before class, your class may be cancelled due to low enrollment. If this happens, an instructor will let you know by email & text and the class credit will be returned to your account. 


What platform do you use?

  • Livestream classes are hosted on Zoom. If you, like many of us, have not been forced to use Zoom for happy hours, weddings, graduations, etc for the past 7 months, you can download the desktop Zoom client here ;) 

How do I login to the livestream?

  • When you sign up for class, MINDBODY will send you a class reminder email that contains the login and password. Unfortunately MINDBODY sends the same email for both online and in-person classes, so you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the reminder email to find the link.



Signing up for a new online class is scary! Can you give me the breakdown of what happens in your online classes?

  • We get it! It’s awkward to tune into a Zoom room for a new set of classes! When you login to our online classes, you’ll be in a waiting room until the instructor starts class and lets you into the Zoom room (~2-5 minutes before the class start).

  • Your instructor will introduce themself & may ask that you post in the chat with your name, pronouns, and any injuries they should know about. You can always send this as a private message if you’d like!

  • Then you’ll get started with a warmup set to music that will prepare your body for the class. The content of the main part of the class will vary by class type, but you can expect to learn something new, challenge yourself, and have fun!

  • The instructor will close class with a cooldown and stay on the stream for a few minutes to answer any final questions about the class, our online curriculum, or anything pole, Fly Together, or life related!


Do I need to have my camera / audio on?

  • It’s up to you! We ask that you stay muted for most of the class (unless asking a question) to keep the level of background noise low. We suggest leaving your video on so the instructor can give you corrections and feedback, but if you’d prefer to leave your camera off you are welcome to.


Can I ask questions?

  • Absolutely! Feel free to type questions into the chat at any point or unmute yourself to ask a question.


Will the instructor give me feedback?

  • Yes! Something we enjoy about livestream classes is the ability to give adjustments and corrections to our students. In most classes, instructors will move from student to student around the Zoom room (as if in a class!) to watch you perform the move or choreography and give feedback. 


Aside from a pole (for pole classes) do I need any equipment?

  • Not really! You’ll probably want a yoga mat to warm up on and depending on the class, you may have a smoother experience if you have a set of yoga blocks, small set of weights, and a resistance band or two. Modifications will be given for you to substitute household objects if needed. (Just know we warned you that there’s a reason yoga blocks are generally preferred over stacks of books!) 


Are there any bonus features that make your online classes extra special?

  • Yep! When you sign up for the livestream online class you’ll not only get access to the class itself, but we’ll also give you access to the class recording for 2 weeks, during which you can view it as many times as you’d like! In addition, after class your instructor will send you a recap so you’ll have everything you need to keep drilling your conditioning or running the choreo on your own time!


Will I (as a student) appear in the online class recording?

  • Probably not! Recordings only capture the host or the speaker. So if you’d like to make sure you’re not captured, stay on mute and ask your questions in the chat. The recording will capture the instructor using your first name to give you feedback, but nothing else. If you’re worried about it, send your instructor a private message over chat and they’ll remind you how to stay off the recording. 


I’m enjoying online group classes but would like even more personalized training - is that possible?

  • Absolutely! In addition to in-person private lessons we also offer online private lessons. Ask your instructor or send us an email to inquire about availability. 

I don’t see my favorite in-person class on the online schedule - can you add it?

  • Maybe! We’ll be expanding our online class curriculum based on demand, so if you’d like to see something, let us know what & when and you might see it make its way onto the schedule!

Ready to fly online?

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