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History of Fly Together Fitness

Fly Together started when eleven pole dancers and instructors in the Boston area began discussing their dreams of opening a studio. All were from different professional backgrounds and in various stages of life, but they became friends, and later business partners, united by their love of pole. In 2019 they founded Fly Together Fitness with the goal of increasing the accessibility of pole dancing and pole fitness in the greater Boston area and creating a space in which anyone can grow and discover pole.


The studio is run as a community-oriented consensus-driven partnership. Decisions are made with the aim of best serving the pole dance community as a whole. Our goal is to create an enduring sense of pride and “togetherness” within this space.

Our Mission and Vision

Fly Together Fitness aims to provide a safe, supportive environment for students and instructors of all backgrounds in the greater Boston area. Our mission is to empower members to achieve their physical and emotional health goals through many diverse aspects of pole, aerial fitness, and dance. Fly Together is a space for new students to discover pole and aerial fitness and for experienced students to hone their craft.


When students step through our doors, they join a community. We lift each other up with encouragement and support, help each other gain strength, explore different means of self-expression, and grow with each other. Fly Together Fitness is a place where dance meets fitness, creativity meets sensuality, flexibility meets acrobatics, and most importantly, where community embraces individuality.


Our Values


At Fly Together Fitness, we are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. Fly Together is a safe space free from harassment, discrimination, and violence. We welcome and support people of all ages, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, body types, races, ethnicities and nationalities, socioeconomic status, mental and physical ability, and religions.

Environmental consciousness

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible and encourage our students to join us in this endeavor. We avoid purchasing disposable plastic products, use biodegradable cleaning supplies, and where possible use sustainably and ethically manufactured clothing for our merchandise.

Community outreach

Pole dancing is a powerful way to build confidence, strength, and increase overall health and wellness - we believe everyone in our community should have access to the benefits of pole fitness. For this reason, once a month we provide free community-based pole fitness classes as well as additional special programs. We also strive to collaborate with and support local businesses in and around Somerville and the greater Boston area.

Our Values
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