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The instructors at Fly Together come from a variety of athletic backgrounds and every instructor has had a unique path to discovering pole and aerial arts.

We encourage all instructors to develop and apply their own teaching styles. Nonetheless, all classes follow a standard curriculum, ensuring consistency for students across our classes. Check out our levels and see what classes best suit your skills and goals.


Abby, Co-owner and Instructor. Abby has been in education for over 25 years and is a curriculum writer and teacher trainer for the Boston Public Schools. She began her pole journey at the age of 50. Primarily a marathon runner with no background in gymnastics or dance, she became immediately addicted to both the physical challenge and emotional gratification of pole. She teaches beginner pole classes, imparting a sense of empowerment, community, and accomplishment that makes pole not just a workout, but a passion. You can find her on instagram @old_dog_newtricks. Abby doesn't have preferred pronouns, but her favorite pronouns are "you, me, & us" -  we come in as being "you" and "me", but together we build our community and become “us”.


2019 PSO Northeast Entertainment L3 - 1st Place

2018 PSO Northeast Dramatic L3 - 2nd Place


elevatED Level 1


Alicia (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Alicia is a cancer biologist working in the biotech industry. She discovered pole dance in 2012 during graduate school in North Carolina and has been an avid pole dancer ever since. Alicia trained for three years in Los Angeles before moving to Boston, where she has been teaching all levels of pole for three years. Alicia loves to create an uplifting environment in her classes to enable every student to fly. You can find her on instagram @theflyingbiologist.


2019 PSO Northeast Entertainment L4 - 2nd Place


elevatED Level 1


Angela, Co-owner and Instructor. Angela is a real estate broker and avid movement enthusiast traveler who has both performed and taught internationally. Beyond teaching pole fitness, she is also a certified yoga, partner acrobatics, and barre instructor with 10+ years of experience in movement education. Her passion is in conditioning and working with beginners, particularly on building the necessary foundational blocks for a safe and successful practice. When not working on mastering the real estate market she can be found either in the air on an aerial apparatus or on the mat at a local BJJ gym. Currently, Angela is also serving as president on the board of a local non-profit circus school. You can find her on instagram @fulltimecat.


2015 NEAAPC Doubles - 1st Place

Brittany Photo.jpg

Brittany (she/her), Instructor. Brittany works in public health in infectious services. Her pole journey began in 2016 after being dragged to a class by a friend. She loves the physical challenges, limitless new goals, and sense of accomplishment that pole provides. She is proof that pole is about progress; not perfection. When she’s not hanging from a pole, she can be found at the local kickboxing gym. You can find her on Instagram @BrittSharee16.


XPERT Level 1&2

Bryanna Photo.jpg

Bryanna (she/her), Instructor. Bryanna was certified as Twerk Technician in Atlanta, Ga by the world famous Vertical Joe’s. She is on a mission to get the whole world twerking. In her spare time Bryanna loves rollerskating and long boarding.


Vertical Joe's Twerk Technician

cray re photo.jpeg

Cray Ré (she/her), Instructor. Cray Ré decided to do pole on a whim one night in October 2017. Never considering herself an 'athlete,' she became addicted to the combination of dance with gymnastics. Cray Ré loves to combine the sexiness of exotic dance with the boss-ness of heel clacks and  pretzel-y tricks. Cray Ré has performed in numerous showcases, events, and more. She currently has 3 medals from PSO competitions in various categories. When she is not poling, she loves reading, making art, and napping.


2020 PSO Scorpio Freedance L3 - 2nd Place

2020 PSO Libra Dramatic L3 - 2nd Place

2019 PSO Central Entertainment L3 - 3rd Place


Liquid Motion 1.0, 2.0, and Heels

IPSF Level 1 Anatomy, Physiology, & Biomechanics for Pole

XPERT Level 1&2

404E - Gale - 2022 Northeast - Boston - 218_edited.jpg

Gale (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Gale moved to Boston in 2014 to begin graduate school in the biological sciences. Three weeks later a new friend convinced her to sign up for an intro class and she was immediately hooked by the athleticism, artistry, and adventure of pole. Today she is an advocate for fearlessly trying new things (especially ones she’ll probably be bad at). In her classes, Gale’s goal is to create a space for her students to express creativity, feel empowered by their strength, and to decompress and de-stress after work or school. Gale has 15 years of dance experience and recently continued her teaching education with Roz the Diva's Dangerous Curves course. You can find her on instagram @allpancakes_leadtospatchcocks


elevatED Level 1

Jamie Photo.jpg

Jamie (she/her), Instructor. Jamie was born in Washington, DC but grew up in rural Virginia. She never did any sports growing up. In fact, she never exercised at all before taking up pole dance! Jamie started pole dancing in 2011, but she's only been teaching pole since 2020. Her biggest passions in life are teaching, inspiring, and empowering others. Jamie teaches pole dance in order to give back to others what pole has granted her: a safe avenue for self-expression, increased confidence in her potential, and a strong sense of community. Jamie has a degree in French and International Studies. After graduation, Jamie worked and lived in France for a year. Following that, she taught French for 3 years in public high schools. Jamie recently relocated from Virginia to Boston with her husband. She enjoys trying out new restaurants, exploring the city, learning new languages, and spending time with her cat. You can connect with Jamie on Instagram @ehh_lodielouise.


2021 PSO Pisces Exotic L4 - 2nd Place

2019 PSO Liberty Championship L4 - 1st Place

2018 PSO Atlantic Championship L3 - 2nd Place


Jenn (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Jenn was a competitive gymnast for over ten years and discovered pole fitness in 2013. She was captivated by the combination of strength, flexibility, creativity, and self-expression involved in pole and was immediately hooked. Since then, Jenn has competed in multiple pole competitions and has taught lyra (aerial hoop) for over two years. She loves introducing students to the world of pole and aerial arts and watching them conquer their fears to achieve things they never thought possible. You can find her on instagram @jq_poles.


2019 PSO Northeast Championship L4 - 2nd Place

2019 PSO Liberty Championship L4 - 2nd Place

2018 USPDF Amateur - Qualifier

2017 PSO Northeast Championship L3 - 3rd Place


elevatED Level 1


Jenny (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Jenny works in the Office of Student Voice & Leadership as the Student Engagement Coordinator for Boston Public Schools. She has been in the youth development and leadership field for 10 years. Jenny’s fitness journey began as a backcountry instructor where she led week-long trips in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine and the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Jenny moved to Boston in 2014 and fell in love with Pole Fitness in 2016 when she was looking for a fun way to exercise, but also as a way to cope with the loss of her sister. She has never looked back and is now inspiring her pole students to find their own strength. You can find her on instagram @jennys_chaos.

Kelly Anne Photo.JPG

Kelly Anne (she/her), Instructor. Kelly Anne started as a Fly Together Fitness student in January 2020. After a lifetime of ballet she was looking for a new form of creative movement and was drawn to pole. As a pole dancer Kelly Anne’s favorite things are slow sensual flow, adding layers to basics, and her 8" heels. She is also a multi-medalist pole competitor. When not in the studio Kelly Anne is a social worker and enjoys hiking whenever possible.

Kira Photo

Kira (she/her), Instructor. Kira was a competitive gymnast growing up. She later found dance, acrobatics, and eventually pole in 2019. She loved the combination of strength, flexibility, and choreography in pole as well as the wonderful community. She is excited about exploring the many styles of pole and incorporating her love of acrobatics. Outside of pole, she works in historic preservation and likes to hike, play board games, and hang out with her cats. She loves introducing students to pole, watching them overcome their fears and learn exciting new things! You can find her on Instagram @kira_goesupsidedown.

Lauren Photo.jpeg

Lauren (she/her), Instructor. Lauren started as a student at Fly Together Fitness in early 2020 and immediately fell in love with the challenge and creative opportunities of pole. She especially loves sweeping spins loaded with momentum, hands-free hanging, and swivels of all kinds. Outside the studio, Lauren enjoys reading history, making music, and learning about all kinds of science.


Melinda (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Melinda grew up doing musical theater and has been dancing for eighteen years, but never considered herself a “dancer” until she started pole in 2014. She has been teaching all levels of pole since mid-2016. Melinda’s favorite part of teaching is seeing her students progress, get stronger, and gain confidence. When she’s not on a pole, she builds robots and likes to climb rocks. You can find her on instagram @myrilamica.


2019 PSO Northeast Entertainment L4 - 1st Place


elevatED Level 1 and Flexibility

ACE Group Fitness Instructor


Natalie (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Natalie is a healthcare professional with over fifteen years of management experience in healthcare strategy, finance, and analytics. She discovered pole dance in 2012 and immediately fell in love. Natalie is inspired by students and instructors of pole dance over the years and want to provide a similar sense of community and empowerment to others discovering pole for the first time. Natalie is a part-time instructor of Pole Dance Circuit at Boston University dance program. You can find her on instagram @cupid_n_butterfly.


elevatED Level 1


Quinn (they/them), Co-owner and Instructor. Quinn is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and full-time dancer. They first started dancing when they were four years old and went on to compete in a variety of styles. In 2017, after a long hiatus, they re-discovered their passion for dance through pole. Quinn has been teaching since early 2019 and enjoys the variety of teaching all levels. You can mostly find them teaching tricks, technique, and low-flow. Their mission is to support the growth of their students by providing a basis of solid technique and encouraging them to take what they've learned and develop their own creative style. Quinn recently continued their teaching education with Roz the Diva's Coaching Plus Size Pole Dancers Intensive. You can find them on instagram @raindazee.


2021 PSO Northeast Dramatic L4 - 3rd Place

2019 PSO Northeast Freedance - 3rd Place


elevatED Level 1 and Level 2

Samantha Photo.jpg

Samantha (she/her), Instructor. Samantha is a creative writer by training and started pole in 2016, trading in her running shoes for pole shorts. She had no athletic background growing up, but first found a love of fitness in college, and later became hooked on the creativity, versatility, challenge, and community of pole dance.

Image uploaded from

Tamar (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. From curiosity to career, Tamar’s love for pole grew out of a desire to explore both strength and creativity as well as be part of a community of fierce individuals. She was raised in Berlin, Germany where she trained as part of the ufaFabrik children’s circus for twelve years before moving to Boston for her studies. When she’s not on the pole or baking French pastries, she works in education technology. Tamar has been teaching since May 2017 and her classes emphasize core strength and technique that will allow beginners to advance safely and confidently. You can find her on instagram @tamarlearnstofly.


elevatED Level 1


Veronica (she/her), Co-owner and Instructor. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Veronica discovered pole dancing in 2017 a few weeks after moving to Boston as visiting PhD student in Harvard Medical School. She was an amateur gymnast during her childhood and teenage years, but after an injury had a 10 years hiatus from any form of movement, convinced nothing was meant for her. It took a vertical 45mm metal bar to prove her wrong. Veronica found in pole fitness an amazing discipline, appreciating the incredible mix of dance styles, gymnastics, fluidity, and strength required. Since then, she has never stopped training and growing as both student and instructor, competing, performing and getting certified for teaching both pole and active flexibility. Veronica feels incredibly lucky to be part of the Fly Together Fitness community, and she is currently supporting her fellow owners from San Francisco, CA, where she has lived since 2021. You can find her on instagram @pole_and_bench.


2019 PSO Northeast Dramatic L2 - 2nd Place

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