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Fly Together On-Demand

Join us online on your time!

Welcome to Fly Together On-Demand! We’re so excited to share our pole milestone tutorials to help you progress in your pole practice and achieve your goals! 


Our on-demand tutorials are focused on our milestone moves - those we have identified as being foundational for progressing from a beginner poler to a pole ninja! 


For each milestone, you’ll get:

  • A detailed breakdown of the move

  • Prerequisites and conditioning for the move

  • Common mistakes to avoid 

  • A dose of fun from your favorite Fly Together instructors (hint: wait until the end of each lesson....)


See for yourself! Watch our welcome video and the video for one of our intro milestones, the dip spin:

Fly Together On-Demand Welcome Video

Intro to Pole Milestone: Dip Spin

Choose Your Pole Adventure

  • Intro Milestones

    Master the basics with our Intro to Pole milestone tutorials
    • Dip Spin, Pirouette, Fireman Spin,
    • Pole Sit, Carousel Kick, Upright Crucifix
  • Level 1 Milestones

    Take it to the next level & up the pole with L1 Milestones!
    • Climb, Side Climb, Jasmine, Headstand, Fan Kick,
    • Two Points (of contact) Spin, Cross Knee Release
  • Level 2 Milestones

    Begin to take your practice upside down with L2 Milestones!
    • Layback, Inversion, Outside Leg Hang, Inside Leg Hang,
    • Crucifix, Butterfly, Reverse Grab Spin
  • Level 3 Milestones

    Time for more advanced inverts & poses with L3 Milestones!
    • Aerial Inversion, Shoulder Mount, Cupid, Caterpillar,
    • Extended Butterfly, Brass Monkey
  • Best Value

    All Levels

    Save $20 & get access to all of our Milestone videos!
    • Intro to Pole Milestones
    • Level 1 Milestones
    • Level 2 Milestones
    • Level 3 Milestones

What are you waiting for? Join us today and start flying!


Milestone videos will be available for purchase in leveled packages or get them all to support your pole journey. Your access will not expire and you’ll be able to login and watch the videos at your convenience through our website.


A note for members: Our frequent flyers get access to ALL milestone on-demand videos included with an active membership. Create an account from the login bar at the top right or navigate to any of the milestone video pages and we'll give you access. Want to join our crew? Check out our membership perks and pricing!


Questions about on-demand (or anything else)? Drop us an email!

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