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2019 - A Year in Review

For all of us at Fly Together Fitness, 2019 has been a whirlwind of growth in both life and our pole journeys. We are especially grateful for the opportunity to turn our dreams into reality this year and found Fly Together Fitness, enabling us to share our love of pole with the community. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of our studio in 2019!


Fly Together Fitness

42 large group meetings - from Jamaica Plain to Watertown to Somerville, at our apartments, houses, and eventually, our studio, we shaped the business we are proud to call ours. (Special thanks to the roommates and significant others who allowed us to take over their living rooms and kitchens!)

17,118 Slack messages - on everything from important legal documents and permit applications to paint colors and studio plant choices, we stayed connected outside of meetings to keep the ball rolling on all of the moving parts involved in starting a business.

18 product comparisons - from our poles and mirrors to our water filter and internet service, we evaluated every option to build our dream space.

6 profit division models debated, modified, and eventually, one enthusiastically accepted - to equally value our owners’ voices, effort, and investment in creating and running Fly Together Fitness.


Our Owners

In Pole:

8 pole fitness teacher training courses taken from New York City to Salt Lake City to help us give students the best possible pole fitness instruction.

9 Pole Sport Organization competition routines (7 of them medal winning!) choreographed, stressed over, and performed - experiences that boosted our pole journey and helped us grow in our practice.

In Life:

10 big life successes - promotions, moves, engagements, new jobs, new relationships, and more that we celebrated with each other.

6 life challenges - breakups, diagnoses, losses, and more we held each other up for.


Our Community

104 flyers who came through our doors for class in our opening month.

5 local businesses supported through our set-up phase and soft launch, including mirror suppliers, rigging experts, merchandise vendors, and artists and photographers.

4 Frequent Flyers who joined us as members to fly into 2020!


Up next for 2020

We are excited to...

Welcome new friends and neighbors into our community, and introduce more people to the wonderful world of pole fitness!

Increase our partnerships with local small businesses.

Plan and launch our community initiatives!


This year has been filled with laughter, encouragement, and a fair amount of stress, but most of all, love for each other and this sport. To everyone who has supported us - by offering encouragement or advice, telling a friend about us, or joining us for a class, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!


The team @ Fly Together Fitness

Photo credit: Beren Jones

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