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Take a Break From Relentless Holiday Music With A Little Aural Pleasure

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

When it comes to the season, I’m squarely Team Bah Humbug. Maybe it’s the existential crisis of have I been naughty or have I been nice? Or maybe it’s paying $50 to get a $35 sweater under a distant relative’s tree by Christmas Eve… or the Yankee Swap bloodsport at work, but nothing triggers my rage response more than the Let It Snow playlist on loop. 

So, if this rings a (jingle) bell with you, next time you hear Mariah Carey ramping up I-I-I-I-I don’t waaaaant allllot for Christmas…, here’s a list of pole podcasts you can flick on as an aural antidote :

Pole Adventures — the opening theme music makes you feel like pole dance is another House in Game of Thrones, but very relatable content —Ep. #8 When You're Desperate to Do That Next Trick, But Your Body is Not; Ep.#14 A Plan to Actually Stick With Your Pole Training

Why We Pole —stories from a variety of perspectives — Ep #9 Russian Immigrant/ Raised a Geisha/33 & Confident; Ep. #30 Never Too Old to Pole/ 67 yr old Competitive Pole Dancer 

Pole Dancers Uncovered — covering a range of pole topics from the practical —Ep. #6 Poling on Your Period to the metaphysical —Ep. #16 Why are we ALWAYS comparing ourselves to others in pole


Pole Parlour chances are, you’ll find an interview with one of your pole crushes here, including Natasha Wang, Vertical Joe, and Worcester local Maggie of Paradigm 

Pole on the Call - you'll find pole dancer interviews, including one with our owners Alicia and Angela and another with instructor Kelly Anne, as well as tutorials and products. TBD on whether I'll try the Reindeer Crossed Knee Thigh Hold :)

Happy listening,

Abby (old_dog_newtricks)

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